Fairtrade Global Sourcing FZE helps business partners source organic produce from developing countries of Asia and Africa.



Indonesia:Spices, Coffee

India: Spices, Coffee, Cocoa, Coconut, Cashewnut

Vietnam: Coffee, Spices, Cocoa, Coconut

Srilanka: Spices, Coconut

Thailand: Fresh fruits & Vegetables

Turkey: Herbs

PNG: Coffee


Nigeria   : Spices, Cashew and Cocoa

Uganda: Coffee, Spices

Ghana: Cocoa

Fairtrade Global Sourcing has built its reputation on high quality products and superior service. The quality of our product starts with the initial concept, which is developed through teamwork. Management and key personnel in every department are directly involved in quality control through each stage of production. Our office staff in both the U.A.E. and around the world inspects product in various stages of production to ensure that all product standards are met. These quality control policies assure that FTGS will produce the highest quality product with the greatest attention to detail.

Our quality process include

Inspection of:

* Samples
* Production Facility
* Farms
* Ready-to-Ship Goods

Document Handling

* Shipping Documents
* Customs Forms


* Sticker
* Bar Code
* Label


* Assembly
* Packaging
* Drop Shipping
* Break bulk Shipping

At FTGS we make every effort to ensure that our delivery is on time to meet our customers’ needs. For import deliveries, new product lines can be scheduled for delivery within 6-12 weeks after the artwork is finalized and approved for production. Re-orders require four to eight weeks. For domestic delivery times, we typically deliver or ship one to three weeks after taking or receiving a reorder.

Our shipping process includes

Coordination of:

* Sea
* Air
* Truck
* Rail


* Long-term
* Short-term
* Temporary
* Permanent

We supply completely customised market-ready Fairtrade food produce on demand for our business partners. With this facility our partners can rest at ease as we oversee everything from sourcing to labelling the private brands.

The current offering includes seasonings, coconut products and cashew.

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